NEW Ideas for the Foothills

1.  Establish NEW election policy to ensure fair elections for all interested members

2.  Better communication to our members

      a.  Establish NEW communications tool, quarterly newsletters

      b.  Establish NEW monthly email blasts, to include BOD open meeting recap

3.  Revise management contract to include Property Manager to be located within the Foothills for member convenience.

4.  Revisit current Property Management contract and cost, current cost appears excessive.

5.  Bring back DEL WEBB design ideas for major changes to our community to preserve master plan 

6.  Review all financials and contracts to ensure both are properly managed

7.  Study the possibility of an assessment reduction, as of 2018, the Foothills Community Associations Reserve Fund was over funded, its more than *180% funded?  After reviewing the 2019 monthly budget we could reduce each members dues by up to *$50 per year and continue to meet the associations obligations.

8.  Establish new policy to support members concerns, revisit past board actions regarding lack of common wall repairs, Foothills Golf Course common wall repairs, etc.

9.   With the input of the community evaluate ideas and options for increased safety and security of the Foothills neighborhoods. 

10. Ensure Transparency by conducting all business at open meetings

11. Establish a sound maintenance plan to re-establish groomed and managed grounds, walls, washes and common areas

12. Establish communication with the City of Phoenix for better maintenance to roadways, medians, lights and washes

13. Review current agreement with Foothills Golf Course owner Wilson Gee regarding the Foothills HOA well water rights currently listed as being owned by Wilson Gee on the Arizona Well Registration website, Foothills Golf Course draws water out of the lakes in the Foothills, who pays for the City of Phoenix potable water in the summer months when the well water cannot keep up with the Golf course watering demands?

* Reserve overfunding and the projected member savings was updated March 29th after open meeting confirmation from treasurer